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“Caring Time”

Posted in Friends with tags , , , , on January 21, 2010 by David

On Tuesday evening my wife and I get together with three other amazing couples for our small group time (for those of you who aren’t familiar with “small groups” it’s a bible study). This is without a doubt one of my favorite times during the week. There is nothing like getting together with awesome people to talk about life, study scripture and pray for one another.

Our group has affectionately and somewhat sarcastically dubbed our prayer time at the end, “Caring Time.” This is a time where we share prayer requests and praises. Rita, our note taker jots them down on sticky notes and passes them out to each couple so that we can remember what to pray for and have something to remind us to pray for each other throughout the week.

This last 15 or 20 minutes of our group is the best. I have really come to appreciate the power of being blanketed in prayer by friends and family.

It gives strength.

So while it sounds cheesy, “Caring Time” is incredible and if you do not have people who can blanket you in prayer I suggest that you find some.


The Making of “Prayer”

Posted in Friends, Uncategorized with tags , , , , , , on December 21, 2009 by David

My friend Taras is brilliant and an artist in every sense of the word. Below is his latest creation that includes hundreds of prayers; many from our small group an other friends and family. Check it out!

If you like that, make sure you check out his site

3 1/2 Hours

Posted in Passion with tags , , , , , on March 5, 2009 by David

Dedicated. That is the only way I can describe spending 3 1/2 hours to get to church on Sunday morning and yet that is exactly what one of my friends and leaders did this last Sunday.

Kevin aka Diz got up an extra 3 1/2 hours early so he could be at church when the congregation prayed for him and the rest of the Mexico missions team that he is a part of.

Now, Diz didn’t get up that early because he lived 3 1/2 hours away. He got up that early because he had to take a bus 2 hour bus ride from approximately Woodenville, to Seattle and from Seattle to Renton. From there he had to walk 4 miles!

Let me just be honest and say, there is no way I would have done that.

That would have been way more effort than I would have wanted to put into getting to church. I would have just found a church within walking distance or spent some time on my own diving into the bible.

However Diz’s dedication is so incredibly inspiring and I have to wonder, what could be accomplished if we all had that sort of passion to serve Christ? If we had that sort of passion to seek out prayer and intimacy with God.

I can’t tell you how excited I am to have people like Diz on my leadership team. He’s going push the rest of the young adults at New Life and he’s going to push me.

Diz, thanks for taking the time.

“Prayer Tweets”

Posted in Connecting with God with tags , , on February 19, 2009 by David

I’ve started prayer tweeting.

If you haven’t you are so behind the eight ball. Nah not really, but I would suggest giving it a try.

Here is what it means to “prayer tweet” in three easy steps

1. Pray regularly. Whenever you recognize a need or a blessing, pray.

2. Keep it short. One or two sentences max.

3. Each time you “prayer tweet” spend a minute or two reflecting on what it is that your are tweeting about and God’s involvement in that.

See, here’s the deal. If you are like many people, including myself, sitting down and praying for extended periods of time is a HUGE challenge. Life is busy, our minds wander and we end up forgetting why we’re praying in the first place and what the significance of prayer is.

However, prayer tweeting keeps you in prayer all throughout the day.

“Always be joyful. Never stop praying. Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus.”

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18