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God Is Up To Something

Posted in life with tags , , , , , , on January 20, 2010 by David

Have you ever had one of those seasons of life where you just can’t help but know that God is up to something? Events fit  together, people are in the right place at the right time a fire has been lit within you and you are excited to see how God is going to fan that little fire into a blazing inferno.

A little over four years ago when hurricane Katrina struck the gulf coast this happened to me. I was captivated by the event. It consumed my thoughts and  my life was changed through opportunities to be a part of the relief efforts. In fact it was that event that truly launched me into ministry.

As I watch the coverage of the devastation in Haiti I can’t help but feel many of the same  emotions I felt four years ago. The weird juxtaposition of wealth and poverty does something to your spirit.

It makes you feel blessed and guilty all at the same time.

It leaves you grateful and heartbroken.

And I think it’s those mixed emotions that create what Bill Hybel’s refers to as a person’s “holy discontent.” It’s that thing that keeps you up at night. The topic that consumes your mental capacity, despite your best efforts to disconnect it from your train of thoughts.

It’s the thing that leaves you feeling icky.

The thing that you want to avoid so desperately and yet the thing you know you need to push into the hardest.

I find that it’s in those times that God is up to something in my life. He’s challenging me to step up to the plate. It’s no longer time to take practice cuts in the on deck circle.  I need to dig in my cleats and take a big fatty swing at the pitch He’s throwing me.

I don’t want to strike out, but if I don’t get in the game, I will never hit the ball over the fence and that’s what I want to do.

I want to take the passion that is coursing through my veins like adrenaline and channel it towards whatever pitch God is winding up to throw me.

God is up to something and I’m ready to swing away.


Time To Think…

Posted in life with tags , , , , , , on October 9, 2009 by David

It’s been over a month since my last post…

Vacation…work…laziness…life in general kind of crept in there and prevented me from posting.

I’ve also been processing a lot of thoughts that I’ve wanted to blog about but haven’t quite found the way to express them. Thoughts on work, passion and vision, the most painful relationship I’ve ever had, etc.

But I wanted to dive back in here if for no other reason that to let you know I haven’t vanished. In fact, there is a fairly substantial pool of posts that I want to get up in the next couple weeks . I just need to finish thinking through them all.

What I can tell you at this point, as I sit in my favorite coffee shop staring out at the fiery autumn leaves is that life is good, God is great and the journey has just begun.

fall at forza

I feel poised for an exciting season of life. What that will look like I don’t know yet, but I’m excited for it to unfold and I’m looking forward to sharing it with you.

3 1/2 Hours

Posted in Passion with tags , , , , , on March 5, 2009 by David

Dedicated. That is the only way I can describe spending 3 1/2 hours to get to church on Sunday morning and yet that is exactly what one of my friends and leaders did this last Sunday.

Kevin aka Diz got up an extra 3 1/2 hours early so he could be at church when the congregation prayed for him and the rest of the Mexico missions team that he is a part of.

Now, Diz didn’t get up that early because he lived 3 1/2 hours away. He got up that early because he had to take a bus 2 hour bus ride from approximately Woodenville, to Seattle and from Seattle to Renton. From there he had to walk 4 miles!

Let me just be honest and say, there is no way I would have done that.

That would have been way more effort than I would have wanted to put into getting to church. I would have just found a church within walking distance or spent some time on my own diving into the bible.

However Diz’s dedication is so incredibly inspiring and I have to wonder, what could be accomplished if we all had that sort of passion to serve Christ? If we had that sort of passion to seek out prayer and intimacy with God.

I can’t tell you how excited I am to have people like Diz on my leadership team. He’s going push the rest of the young adults at New Life and he’s going to push me.

Diz, thanks for taking the time.

Stir Up A Passion

Posted in ministry with tags , , , on April 28, 2008 by David


It’s an interesting word and one that I find challenging to define. Is passion an excitement for something? Is it a desire to do something really badly, or is it deeper than that?

I think passion comes from some of the deepest places in our heart. It is something that can be innate and other times something that takes some work to develop. Nonetheless, I believe it is important. I especially believe it is important in ministry.

As a children’s pastor, it is my prayer to see all of my team serving out of a passion to see kids lives changed.

May God stir up a passion in the hearts of all of us on the GKA team and in the hearts of every other person who ministers to children.

Check out this great article about having that passion.