“You Can’t Touch This” Turns 20!

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Happy Birthday to the Hammer Man’s “You Can’t Touch This!”


It’s Only Been Four Days And I’m Already Nervous

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It’s only been four days and I’m already nervous…truthfully.

Four days doesn’t seem like it should already cause fear and trepidation…

I’ve barely begun…right?

Well let me just say that when you mix people from all across the country (and Canada) and you talk about different races, ethnicities, etc. It can truly be a scary proposition.  That however is my situation with my Cross-Cultural Ministry class.

We come from very different backgrounds in many cases and I pray that everyone will be sensitive to the diversity that is in the class and yet open but cautious as dialogue takes place.

You never know how the way one person was raised will influence the things they say and I hope in this class we can have open, respectful dialogue without any sketchy comments.

We’ll see what happens.

The Joy Of Watching Worship

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One of my favorite things to do on Sunday is watch people worship.

To see small group friends with their eyes closed, focused on God.

A friend who has had a radical transformation raising his arms in surrender.

A teenage girl with a smile on her face.

A grown man air drumming to the beat of the song.

A young woman in a wheel chair being fed communion.

College students singing their guts out.

It is a beautiful and inspiring thing to watch.

I’ve Got The GPS, Mom’s Got The Snacks

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For Christmas I got a great little Garmin etrex GPS for hiking. It’s the sort of thing that will leave little electronic breadcrumbs to help you find your way home, show you maps and allow you to play simple electronic games if you get bored along the trail. It’s truly a great piece of equipment and I’m looking forward to thoroughly taking advantage of it.

I told my brother-in-law about it and his response was “let’s go get lost.” We might just have to do that sometime.

The other great thing about this high tech trinket is that you can use it to go geocaching.  Something that my mom is very excited to do as you can see from her own blog post...as long as she’s got the snacks.

The Future of Xbox

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With the Consumer Electronic show going on, I thought it was fitting to post a video of the piece of technology that I’m most excited to see in action. Check out Xbox’s Project Natal.

I’m not much of a gamer but that is incredible!

Awkward Gym Conversation

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So I’m on the treadmill at the gym and I over hear the following conversation between the guy next to me and one of his friends/acquaintances.

Friend: So I have to apologize.

Treadmill Guy: What for?

Friend: Well, I didn’t really remember who your wife was but I have wandering eyes and it turns out I always end up checking her out.

Treadmill Guy: (awkward laugh)

Can you say seriously AWKWARD?!

More Power Than The Seahawks’ Offensive Line

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New Life Church is almost into its new building. A building that has “more power than the Seahawks’ offensive line.”