December 26th Induced Depression

Without fail, December 26th brings about a good dose of depression for me. This year seems to be a little better, but nevertheless I still feel it.

It’s because I love the holiday season so much. From Thanksgiving to Christmas I am in my happy place.

I love cool weather, that entices the wearing of sweaters and music that speaks of peace on earth and a fictional fat man. I love feasts, family and frosty.

I love the change of pace, with days off of work and regular parties to attend.

And I love the Hope that was born into this world as a human baby, yet divine.

Unfortunately most of this gets put back into boxes and stored on dusty garage shelves until the next year; leaving only piles of wrappings and refrigerator doors covered in Christmas cards.

So tonight as I do every year, I reflect on all of the joy and excitement that has taken place over the last two months and long for it to come again in 2010.


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