I’ve had the privileged the last couple days to spend some time with a great guy who has been humbled and broken. He’s lost just about everything…literally. He’s lost his job, his car, bank account, and is on the verge of being kicked out of his home. He mentioned today that if it “weren’t for his bad luck he’s have no luck at all.”

Talk about broken.

And to be going through all of this at this time of year is even more difficult.

While we’ve had some set times for us to get together he told me that he didn’t expect me to actually uphold those commitments because with the way things are going for him, it would be fitting for me not to show up or be available.

I wonder how often we have this perspective towards God when we are in the midst of a trial? Things seem to be going so horribly that it would be right in line for God not to show up when we really need Him.

…And yet he promises to never leave us.

Trials come in all shapes and sizes and yet it is my hope and prayer that no matter the size of the trial I will always expect God to show up.


One Response to “Broken”

  1. I’m glad you are blogging again. God is giving you some very thoughtful things to consider.

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