A More Beautiful You

We’re starting a series this Sunday at New Life called, “Taken” and it is all about how Satan will do whatever he can to steal kids away from the truth and how we need to fight to take them back

I heard this song the other day as I was driving and so I “Shazamed” it with my phone and it might end up being a closing song for one of the three weeks.

It’s a powerful song that talks about the lies Satan tells girls in regards to their worth being found in their physical appearance.


3 Responses to “A More Beautiful You”

  1. Thanks David! What a beautiful song! I can’t wait to share it with Kate. Bless you!

  2. Michael W. Smith’s “Picture Perfect” is right along the same lines.

    For guys, 4Him’s “Measure of a Man.”

    These are old school, but still carry the same message.

  3. I love this, David!! I agree that “measure of a man” is also really great for guys!!!

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