Today is the beginning of The Crossing Internship Program and I am beside myself with excitement. Not only is discipleship my passion, the overall impact this program will have on The Crossing is huge.

I thought before I get going with the ins and outs of the internship today I’d jot down just a few specific things that I’m excited about. Thoughts to reflect back on at the end of this year’s program.

1. Personal Growth – I am so excited to see this group of interns grow personally, spiritually, professionally, etc. I believe a great deal of growth is going to take place and It will be so much fun to watch.

2. Momentum – The momentum that will be gained by having this group of interns will be huge. We will be able to establish a presence on 4 different college campuses, connect more effectively and regularly with people, improve the overall quality of the ministry, etc.

3. Ministry Growth – We will be able to reach more people, plain and simple.

4. Discipleship – To be able to have a group of people to regularly pour into is going to be a blast for me. This is what I love to do!

5. Ownership – I am excited to provide a group of passionate people, some ownership over the ministry that they are a part of.

This is going to be a fun ride.

…The ride begins in 60 minutes!


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