An “Authentic” Sacred Moment

I love days like yesterday where I get to be involved in sacred moments. Things like baptisms, baby dedications, etc. Yesterday I actually got to be a part of both, two memorable and sacred moments. The funny things is, my favorite moment, the most sacred moment to me, took place behind stage before the doors to the baptismal were even opened.

As we got ready for the baptism, I stood in the tank with Sandi our baptism candidate listening to the worship music. At some point all four of us back stage, our baptism host, the photographer, myself and Sandi were all singing.


Sandi with both hands raised high and tears flowing down her cheeks, our photographer doing likewise the host team member singing and keeping time with bouncing knees.

Surrender took place in that baptismal. It was an offering. Something sacred and “authentic.” We use that word “authentic” a lot in the church and I sometimes wonder if it’s lost its meaning. But in that sacred moment, back stage, hidden from the hundreds of people worshiping out front, an authentic moment of surrender took place, and it was beautiful.


One Response to “An “Authentic” Sacred Moment”

  1. Nicely written and expressed, David! So many times we don’t see the authentic happening because we’re so busy “doing” church. Thank you for stopping and sensing it–and sharing it with us.

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