Hands & Feet : Thoughts on Sharing and Experiencing Him

A good friend of mine started a blog a couple years ago called, “hands & feet: thoughts on sharing and experiencing Him” and it is exactly what it sounds like; a blog devoted to thoughts and reflections on living a life for Christ.

Last weekend was my friend’s birthday and I had the opportunity to celebrate with him. We had great food at a this beautiful studio in Bellingham and my friend got some great gifts.

I gave some C.S. Lewis books and a journal, someone else gave an ipod touch, he got some first editions of a couple of Lewis’ works (He’s a big Lewis fan), but the most incredible gift was saved for last.

In a medium sized square box wrapped in light blue paper and embellished with a ribbon bow, were ten hardback and ten paperback copies of a book.

His book.

hands & feet : thoughts on sharing and experiencing Him by R.J. Pemberton

hands and feet

One of his friends had taken some layouts of the blog and had it compiled into book form.

From my perspective standing across the courtyard watching a close friend open his first book,  it was a historic moment.

I couldn’t help but imagine what it was like the first time C.S. Lewis held a copy of The Pilgrim’s Regress. How incredible that must have felt flipping through page after word filled page.

Perhaps some day R.J. Pemberton and D.N. Miles will discuss life and God the same way Lewis and Tolkien did.

Or share stories and essays like Hawthorne and Melville, Emerson and Thoreau.

It’s fun to think about where God might lead him… as well as to know that I was given a first edition, hands & feet by the great R.J. Pemberton.


One Response to “Hands & Feet : Thoughts on Sharing and Experiencing Him”

  1. D.N. Miles,

    Thanks for your perspective on an incredible evening. I am so glad you were able to be there. Great words, and I look forward to chatting about life and God together many years from now.


    R.J. Pemberton

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