Blogging From The 3GS

Believe it or not, I am blogging from my new iPhone 3gs. Yup, I did it. I ventured into the world of iPhone users and I am hooked. What an absolutely incredible tool/toy.

When I went to pick it up today I literally had butterflies in my stomach. I have wanted an iPhone for so long and to finally be waiting I line to actually purchase one was great.

So here’s to the 3gs and two wonderful years with it.


2 Responses to “Blogging From The 3GS”

  1. Congrats!! How’s texting/typing w/ it?

  2. I have the IPhone now too, David! And I’m loving it – you can do ANYTHING from this phone – even blog – I have posted answers to my blog comments and answered email and facebook comments – surfed the web and done many other things I couldn’t do on my other phone – it’s pretty awesome. I used to love to give my IPhone buddies a bad time and thought, “yeah, yeah, yeah – praise be to the IPhone” but now I know what they were talking about – it’s really way better than any other device – I could never figure out Greg’s Blackberry Storm – and I tried. Believe me. Didn’t want to leave Verizon – but now I’m on a family plan with Drew and Ashlee on At&t and soon Shawn will be getting the $99 IPhone too – pretty cool. Glad you’re enjoying it 🙂

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