Here’s To Academia, Late Nights And The Future

This December I will have been out of college for four years – crazy thought. When I graduated I don’t know if I really ever thought I’d go back. The thought of getting my masters degree was daunting.

More tests, more papers, more money, more time, more stress…yuck.

Four years later however, I sit here pondering my personal statement for admission to grad school. It’s been a task trying to find the right school, the right program, the right timing. But I think most of that has been worked out and now I am hopefully mere months away from becoming an Indiana Wesleyan University grad student.


My passion really is discipleship, coaching, leadership development, etc. and so if accepted (please Jesus let me be accepted) I will be pursuing a MA in Ministry with a Ministerial Leadership concentration.

That’s exciting.

My long term dream would be to be established in a great church (check, I’ve got that going for me) but travel around consulting and speaking at other churches and conferences. That will obviously take time but when I have completed my masters I will have a great education and an incredible base of experience to start from.

So here’s to academia, late nights and the future.


2 Responses to “Here’s To Academia, Late Nights And The Future”

  1. I believe in you, David. You can do it!!

  2. David, you might want to check out the upcoming Society for Church Consulting Summit 2009. Dr. Bob Whitesel from IWU is helping organize it:

    (Student discount available.)

    Pursue your dream!

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