The Peace Of A Clean Desktop


I have to admit, I am one of those individuals who ends up with TONS of icons on my computer desktop. It’s not so much that I like having them on my desktop, I just like the convenience of being able to grab a file quickly; saving to the desktop helps with that.

Anyway, every so often I purge my desktop of all the clutter. Today was one of those days and it sure feels good to have a clean desktop.

2 Responses to “The Peace Of A Clean Desktop”

  1. A clean desktop just makes it look like you don’t have any work to do. I make sure that everyone knows I have PLENTY to do by the half full desktop on my computer. I actually cleaned off lots of icons this week also…but I left plenty so it wouldn’t be bare. The question is, do you remember where you saved those files when you moved them or did you just delete everything?

  2. I think a clean desk – or desktop is a sign of a sick mind. Lots of love to you David 🙂

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