Watching “He’s Just Not That Into You”


Okay, so I went with Monika this evening to watch watch “He’s Just Not That Into You,” just a little research for my message this week entitled, “He’s Just That Into You.”

If you ready my post on this topic earlier this week you know I had an awkward experience buying the book. Well…I had another awkward experience watching the movie this evening.

See, right before we went to watch the movie we ate dinner with a couple friends and I was given another copy of the book. Why do I need another copy of the book? Well by borrowing the book I can return the copy I bought;  not a book I need in my collection.

Anyway, we ended up with a copy of the book and because of the start time of the movie we didn’t have time to put the book in my truck before the movie started. So, there we go strolling through the theater “He’s Just Not The Into You” in hand!

…Monika, why didn’t you bring your Mary Poppin’s purse to stow the book in?

How lame did we look. We’re going to watch the movie and we’re carrying in the book itself. It’s like going to watch Lord of the Rings and carrying in the trilogy book set.

What am I going to do, read the book in the dark? Compare the prose of the book with the movie script?

Well, everything was okay once we were in the theater seated and the book was hidden under my jacket on the seat next to me. However when we left, there was the pink book in all of its self-help glory.

…”Excuse me…excuse me…can you tell me where the follow up book discussion is taking place?”


So in order for us to make our escape, Monika hid the book under her jacket as we made the walk of shame from the theater to the car. It looked like we were stealing and ex-large ju-ju bee.

Man, I think this will be a great message, but I can’t tell you how much I am looking forward to being done with this literary/theatrical phenomenon.

What “phenomenon” are you tired of?


One Response to “Watching “He’s Just Not That Into You””

  1. Thank you Dave. You sharing all this has been nothing more than an inspiration to laugh everyday. Though I will not hear your message I want you to know that it has brought tears to my eyes at times. I will always have this message locked away somewhere for I know there will be a moment in the future that I will need a good laugh.

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