Buying “He’s Just Not That Into You”


I just got back from Barnes and Noble where I uncomfortably bought the book, He’s Just Not That Into You. It’s a little research for my message next week, entitled, “He’s Just That Into You.”

To make matters worse, not only did I have to buy it from a dude, the book was located in the “relationship” section, which was located next to the “sex” section, which was by the old couple who was making out.

I’m just not that into that…

What is the most awkward thing that you have ever bought?


2 Responses to “Buying “He’s Just Not That Into You””

  1. This book changed my daughter’s life. Really. I learned things about guys in this book too – really cool stuff – it’s all true – it’s written by a guy and I quote it a lot. I mean A LOT!! Pretty funny about the old couple making out in the bookstore – Wow. They need to “get a room” 😉

  2. rgoodchild Says:

    I agree. I hated buying it too. And Im a girl!
    Some guys ahve hated buying my book cos it looks pretty girly but my worst was when writing a book on sex for a client and having to go ask for a pile of lewd titles..
    and the shop assistant kept on saying my name in a VERY loud voice.
    not good

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