P. Kerry Bunday

A couple years ago my wife Monika and I met a great couple, their names were…and still are…Shane and Shelley.  We’ve become close friends over the course of the last couple years and have even had the privilege of getting to know their parents, siblings even their nephew. All of whom are incredible people. Shelley’s dad Kerry has even become our unofficial accountant, helping with our taxes the last couple years.

Kerry,  is an incredible guy and savvy business man and each time I see him I come to appreciate him more and more. He truly is unlike anyone I have ever met; you never know exactly what you’re going to get when you’re around him. Off the wall comments, funny antidotes, brilliant insights, standoffishness, warm and welcoming conversation it’s always an adventure.

Well, I met with him this morning at his beautiful high rise office in Bellevue and was greeted with a head nod as he arrived. No conversation, simply a nod as he walked past me in the reception area on the way to his office.

When we met after about 5 minutes of him settling in and me pretending to read the Harvard Business Review, we jumped right into taking care of the taxes. He crunched numbers as I sat there staring at the GQ magazine sitting on his desk; a magazine he actually gave me as I left. Slight random but I’ll enjoy browsing through it this evening.

Anyway, the time in his office flowed from awkward silence to him teaching me about my tax return and how tax brackets work, to conversations about him flying his plane in “the soup.” I loved every minute of it.

Kerry is intense, passionate and in a very positive way quirky. I could spend hours in conversation with him, picking his brain on life, business, fitness – he’s on the board of an incredible gym in Seattle, etc.

He’s the type of person that would be an incredible mentor.

Who in your life, would you like to be mentored by?


4 Responses to “P. Kerry Bunday”

  1. Great post, David! I love passionate, contagious people. I LOVE to be around them and “pick” their brain too. I’ve had so many people over the years that were role models and mentors – it’s hard to narrow it down – but I have to make a special mention of my 5th and 6th grade teacher, Mrs. Matson. She was one incredible lady – who inspired me to write and be creative – to think for myself and never settle. I still remember many of the things she would do in the classroom to motivate us – and I tell about them still today to my students.

  2. charliereport Says:

    Louie Giglio. His passion for Christ. His awe of God. One 15 minute mentoring session with him, and I’d be back on my feet, ready to serve God more passionately.

  3. Louie would be amazing! I’d love to sit down with Pete Wilson (http://www.withoutwax.tv) as well. He’s an up and coming Pastor and Christian leader who I really appreciate. I think we are living in a time where there are a lot of great Pastors/Leaders who are working to chance the culture we live in for Christ rather than just accepting the social status quo.

    There are so many great people that I would love to have mentor me!

  4. […] well, here is a link my original post on P. Kerry […]

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