To Open Up To A Stranger

I was at the church last night hanging out with some incredible people, playing Rock Band, “ballin'” on the basketball court, the works. It truly was a lot of fun. However the most significant part of the evening was when I got to meet Matt.

I had never met Matt, before. Never even seen him. But he stopped by New Life because he was looking for someone to talk to. He was going through some struggles and was looking to simply find a place to open up, someone who would listen.

Here I am, I complete stranger to him and yet he shared with me his passions and some of the struggles he’s facing.

That simple 15 minute conversation reminded me of just how important it is to have people that you can do life with. We all need to be able to just talk and have someone who is willing to do nothing more than listen.

I hope I met that need for Matt last night. And I hope I see him around the church again in the near future.


One Response to “To Open Up To A Stranger”

  1. David – that is so great. You are right – people sometimes just want someone to listen – so important. Sounds like you were that person for Matt. God help us all to be available to really tune in and listen to people – it is so needed today – not people to pass judgement on them – but to love them and accept them right where they are.

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