I’ve Been Doing Big Things

I hate, yet love, those times when you have an epiphany about something and the significance is so great, yet you can’t understand why it didn’t come to you earlier.

In the moment when that happens you are so overwhelmed by your new found understanding, yet you feel a little stupid because it took you so long to figure things out.

For the longest time I have felt like God has called me to “do something big.” I’ve never known exactly what that meant, but deep down inside was the feeling that God created me to do something significant.

I always wanted that to be something in the spotlight, something that involved power and influence, maybe even a decent salary, if I’m completely honest with myself. To me that would be “big.”

Over the last 4 1/2 years, I have been in ministry and while I have seen the significance of it and while I have loved helping people dive into deep passionate relationships with Christ, I never viewed it as that “big thing.” I’ve always been waiting for something more. Something “bigger.”

Yet the other day I had the realization that there is nothing bigger than helping people come to personal, intimate, authentic relationships with Christ.

I know that sounds like such a duh statement for someone who is in ministry. But for me it was a profound realization. I think in my heart I have known the significance but intellectually I failed to make the connection.  I wonder how many other people like me get that concept deep down inside, but fail to realize it with their brains.

Realize that truly, there is nothing bigger, more impressive, more significant than helping someone develop and grow a relationship with Christ.

3 Responses to “I’ve Been Doing Big Things”

  1. Sounds like you’ve found it, David. That’s Awesome – I can’t think of anything else more significant than that.

  2. What a cool and absolutely wonderful realization. Really. I’m proud to be your sister.

  3. My dear boy! I have prayed for you to understand this! I have always been so proud of you and all of your aspirations, but this is what I am most proud of you for! I’m so thankful that God will continue to take you deeper and deeper into the understanding of what this will look like in your life! Woo hoo…it’s how you roll!!! I love you, David. Mom

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