I often find myself wishing my life had a soundtrack like in the movies…

7:30am the alarm goes off – “September 22nd” by Nathan Angelo

9:00am settling into the work grove – “We Workin'” by Grits

10:30am meeting time – “Till I See You” – Hillsong London (Jesus Is Remix)

12:00pm  grabbing lunch downtown – “Does Anybody Really Know What Time It is” by Chicago

2:47pm mid afternoon distraction – “Don’t Worry Be Happy” by Bobby McFerrin

2:50pm boss interrupts mid afternoon distraction to inform me of a substantial pay raise – “Brighter” by Paul Wright

5:00pm time to punch the clock and call it a week – “Where the  Blacktop Ends” by Keith Urban

5:10 get let into traffic by nice elderly gentleman – “Whoever You Are” by Geggy Tah

6:00pm all out last quarter mile on the treadmill  – “I Have a Dream” by Group One Crew

6:30pm BBQing with some close friends – “Summertime” by Will Smith

9:00pm cleaning up the dishes – “All Night Long”  by Lionel Richie

9:12pm dancing around the kitchen – “Unforgettable” by Nat King Cole

10:00pm bedtime 😉 – “Your Body is a Wonderland” by John Mayer

And then it  would start all over again. A new day with a whole new set of musical embellishment.


7 Responses to “Soundtracks”

  1. “Your Body is a Wonderland,” huh? Interesting.

  2. There were a lot of different directions the soundtrack could go, but you can’t go wrong with a little John Mayer.

  3. I love this, David!! You are hilarious as always!

  4. Yikes…I hardly know who any of those people are. Are you just trying to make me feel old? “Substantial pay raise.” Were you dreaming or is that reality? If it is, then just remember my birthday is next week!!!

  5. haha, no substantial pay raise, just a fictional day.

  6. okay, so i decided to check out your blog as i haven’t done so recenlty…and what do i find??
    you’re body is a wonderland…
    does monika read this? haha…i think she may just die….good times pd, good times!

  7. If someone told me my body was a wonderland, I’d take that at a compliment!

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