$8.99, All You Can Eat Sushi

Totally sketchy.

$8.99 all you can eat sushi at The Best Western?

That sounds like the recipe for bed sores in the shape of a toilet seat and major acid burn of the esophagus.

However, it’s legit.

A couple weeks ago I started going with a couple guys from the office to this all you can eat sushi bar for lunch. It is actually at a local Best Western hotel.

However for $8.99, you really can’t beat that. Nonetheless it’s such a good deal that you have to wonder if they just bought some platters from Costco, put the sushi on plates of varying color and tossed them on the conveyor belt.

But in fact it’s fresh and really pretty good sushi. They have pretty much everything you could want, rainbow rolls, sashimi, katsu chicken, California rolls,  eel, etc.

Over the course of the last couple weeks I’ve had lunch there five times. One time, with some of the guys from my small group, I downed 10 plates or 30 to 40 pieces.

It’s become quite the bonding experience for some of us guys from the office as well as my small group buddies.

That’s definitely worth $8.99.


One Response to “$8.99, All You Can Eat Sushi”

  1. I didn’t know you liked sushi. You should come to seattle sometime and we’ll go to wasabi bistro. Yum!!

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