Okay, so this is going to totally be a sappy post. I get it. But if this blog is truly going to be about recognizing the great things in life and making every attempt not to take them for granted I’m going to have to get sappy every now and then. Not my favorite thing in the world, but nonetheless here we go.

Over the course of the last few months I have truly begun to recognize the value in friendship. That’s not to say I haven’t valued friends in the past, because I have. But for some reason lately I have begun to appreciate the small things, like regular phone calls just to check in and say hi. Being able to visit friends in the hospital after having their first child, or supporting others as they went through an incredibly challenging pregnancy and now celebrating the health of their child.

There is something great about still being friends with my roommate from my freshman year of college, a guy who was a sixth year senior when I arrived as a skinny, 18 year old freshman (Side note: I’m still a lean mean fighting machine, aka skinny. But while it would be nice to bulk up a little, I appreciate the fact that I have farther to go than some when it comes to putting on the middle age pudge).

I appreciate text messages and phone calls from friends that live in other cities, Christmas cards with obserdly long letters updating me on the most random of events that took place throughout the last year, and facebook status updates that clue me into their lives.

As weird as this might even sound, I appreciate the fact that there is enough of a friendship left with an ex-girlfriend for her ask me what my thoughts are on her photography business.

There is something fundamental about friendship. Something basic and raw, difficult at times and yet so comforting.

I know this is all sappy, or as I refer to my wife’s favorite movies, all “butterflies and ponies.” But the reality is, if we are so focused on ourselves that we fail to recognize the friends around us, we will fail to recognize some of the most valuable parts of our lives.


One Response to “Friends”

  1. charliereport Says:

    I agree. In fact I am wondering if I am guilty of putting so much priority on having friends, keeping in touch with friends, and making new friends, that I feel pained a bit when friends don’t get in touch with me. I find it weird that some “friends” have email address but won’t respond to a simple, “how have you been doing?” Again, probably guilty of reciprical (sp?) friendship. You know, give-and-take.” Thanks for giving friendship a shout out. I appreciate what you wrote.

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