Cold Tangerines 24/7

I read a book last Christmas called “Cold Tangerines,” and all year long I have been pondering its premise. It’s not a new topic or a “deep” topic but rather an over looked or easily ignored topic.


The idea of the book is incredibly simple, enjoy life. Big or small, planned, or spontaneous, each moment contains a great deal of value and beauty, but all to often we get caught up in waiting for life to begin and fail to “celebrate the extraordinary nature of everyday life.”

Shauna Niequist is the author and in my opinion has done a beautiful job of pointing out how the most pedestrian of experiences can encompass such inexplicable brilliance.

It is my desire to use this blog to do the same thing. I want to recognize “the extraordinary nature of everyday life” 24/7. I want to be the type of person that not only recognizes the glass as half full, but also appreciates the thirst quenching ability that its content possesses.

That’s what 24/7 Life is all about. I hope you enjoy hearing about my experiences and are prompted to be consciously aware of the extraordinary nature of your own.

Here’s to truly living life 24/7. Cheers!


One Response to “Cold Tangerines 24/7”

  1. Good idea! You really get fancy with your blogs…I am just boring…guess I should write something again. I have a thought germinating in my mind. Now I just need to plant it!

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