Productivity Feels Good

Here’s what I’ve accomplished over the last two days

1. pruned many of the bushes in my yard

2. bought three new plants

3. planted/transplanted plants

4. barked my front yard

5. mowed the lawn

6. bought a pair of new jeans

7. changed the oil, oil filter and air filter in Monika’s car

8. Washed/detailed my truck

9. bought a garbage disposal

10. rode my bike trainer

11. watered my lawn.

12. went to a cousin’s graduation


One Response to “Productivity Feels Good”

  1. Hey David! Great to see the productivity! I’ve been using a personal productivity tool over at This time tracking tool allows me to see where I’m spending the most amount of time, and thus, where I can improve. Just a thought. Peace be with you.

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