Towel Animals

My Contribution To’s “Creative Chaos”

While I was on my cruise last week, one thing stood out above everything. The service.

The food was good, the boat was nice, the ports were pretty, but the service was amazing.

I know, I know, you’re thinking what does this have to do with church and more specifically “creative chaos” but track with me for a moment…

Those of us who are in ministry are in the business of serving people and while we’re not serving drinks or cleaning staterooms, the people who walk through our doors are looking for top notch service, whether they realize it or not.

They are looking for friendly faces and warm greetings. They are looking to be invited to participate, they are looking for a reason to come back.

On the cruise one the most memorable thing that the staff did was create “towel animals.” For whatever reason this stood out to me. It was special it was different. It left an impression.

My question and ultimately my creative chaos thought is, what we doing in our churches to memorably serve the people who walk through our doors.

Great preaching is awesome and so are great videos. Incredible worship and engaging programs are important. But what are the little things. What are the details that you and I have in place in our churches that say to those in attendance, “we value you,” “we appreciate you being here,” ” we welcome you as family.”

The staff of the Carnival Elation was incredible and when I got off that cruise ship the thing that I was impressed with more than anything was the degree to which crew members went out of their way to make me feel welcome.

What do you do to leave people with a “towel animal” experience?


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