Caleb's Dedication

Today my close friends Jason and Nat dedicated their baby Caleb. It was such an exciting event considering that he was born 10 weeks premature, weighed less that 2lbs. and was in the hospital for months.

Caleb is now doing very well and I felt so excited for Jason and Nat.

I also felt a sense of pride. It’s funny, but due to the friendship that Monika and I have with them and our ability to share in the pregnancy/hospital journey with them I feel very close to Caleb. I can only imagine how exciting it was for them as parents to see their little miracle baby being dedicated to the Lord.

What an incredible example of God’s protection and provision.

He is also the poster child for “hooked on phonics” as you can see from his desire to read SI. 


One Response to “Caleb's Dedication”

  1. Jason's Argonauts Says:

    These are the best pictures I’ve seen on any Blog… How do you do it?

    Nat and I feel that same way about you and Monika. You guys have been great friends. We thank God that you are in our lives.

    PS. Madden 08 is working! Doesn’t God provide?

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