The Need For More

I read this article in Relevant Magazine and thought it posed some interesting questions; especially when it comes to children.

In today’s world kids are being bombarded with images and advertisements for the latest and greatest. As parents, ministry leaders, teachers, etc. What are we doing to counter those messages? Are we going along with what society says? Or, are we providing a Christ centered perspective?

A perspective that focuses in on fulfillment through a relationship with Christ.

My question to you as reader is, what are you doing? Have you taken steps to shape your child’s perspective of joy and where true happiness comes from? If so, what are those steps?


2 Responses to “The Need For More”

  1. This is what I tell my daughter when she asks me to buy her something new every time we go to a store like target or go to the mall. I tell her even if I had all the money in the world, I still wouldn’t buy something new every time we went out. I let her know that I care more about her character and who’ll she be as an adult than spoiling her with toys, and that people who get everything they ask for when they are young, tend to have a hard time coping in life when they are an adult…something along those lines.

  2. I know for myself personally, I appreciate the fact that I wasn’t given everything growing up. I think I value things more now as an adult because of that.

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