Blogging For Parents And Leaders

My Contribution to’s creative chaos

I got into this whole blogging thing as a way to get out thoughts and idea. But over the course of the last couple months I have begun to use my blog as a way to share resources with leaders and parents in our Children’s ministry. As children’s pastor, I am always looking for ways to communicate with my team and the parents of kids who are in my ministry.

So, on a weekly basis to parents and at least a couple times a month to leaders, I refer them to my blog via email, where I post thoughts, or link to articles or resources that I believe are valuable. I admit, it’s taking some time for this to catch on, especially with parents, but I believe this will be an incredible way to on a regular basis provide coaching and great resources for both my team and the families of the church.

It is my hope that one day incredible dialogue will take place and families will view this blog as a way to get to know me as well as a way to share thoughts and ideas.


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