Be A Confident Leader

Check out this article on leading with confidence. I am specifically posting it for my children’s ministry small group leaders but if you are in a position of leadership this is an interesting read. This article is from Inc. Magazine and talks about how if you are in a position of leadership, in addition to good communication skills, empowerment, knowledge etc. you need to be confident. People are much more inclined to follow and respect a confident leader. That’s not to say that we always have it figured out, but having confidence in your ability to lead is essential.

On the small group side of things, this confidence should and will come from being prepared, well rested, passionate about what you’re doing, etc.

Just something to think about as you get ready to lead your group.


2 Responses to “Be A Confident Leader”

  1. Nobody wants to be the follower to a leader who lacks self confidence, and courage in himself. And for that matter if you do lack confidence and courage in yourself you will not lead long as you will soon be the follower to one of your ex-followers.

    I recently did a whole post on the attributes of both great and failed leaders – it may lend a bit of information for you and your readers:


  2. Great post. Thanks!

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