Geo Caching, Carnapping

Well, this whole geo caching thing that I talked about yesterday has gone to a whole new level at New Life. Today it became part of a “grand theft auto” prank. Three of my co-workers decided to prank our Sr. High Pastor Nik  by relocating his car to a park down the road leaving him only with the coordinates and an offer to drive him in search of his Jetta.

I thought I’d defend my Family Life brother by bringing his car back to the church so that when they went to find the car it would appear as though it had been stolen. haha, pretty sneaky.

The problem was that Nik is a big softy and decided to tell the “carnappers” of the plot to trick them. lol! I was sold out! haha.

 image_060.jpg <—— Nik the big softy (creepy pic)

Oh well, we all still got a good laugh at it.

 I have to say that I work with some of the greatest people in the world and I appreciate their sense of humor so much. Being able to laugh with the people you work with goes such a long way towards creating an enjoyable atmosphere.

Thanks team for being not only so talented but also so humorous.

  Thanks for selling me out big softy. haha.


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