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This weekend we are starting a series called “Doors” and it’s based around the idea that there are all kinds of doors in our lives and we have to determine what doors we are going to open and what thresholds we are going to cross. How do I close the door of judgement and open the door of grace? How do I close the door of success and open the door of significance? We all have to make these choices and really the first step in doing this is evaluating where we are in our personal walk with Christ.

So, to be intentional about this we are putting “All Access Pass” cards in each bulletin and on one side is a breakdown of the topics for the up coming weeks and on the other side it asks the question, “how will I answer the knock?”

When God knocks at your door will you..

Ignore the knock because you’re not ready. Look through the window because you’re just checking church out. Open the door because you want to discover what Jesus and church are all about. Invite him in for a conversation because you are on the verge of making a commitment. Or, will you give him the deed to your house because you have decided to give him control of your life.

Each of those options is listed on the card and we are making it a point to take some time for people to reflect on where they’re at.

We believe that in order to progress in your walk with the Lord you have to know where you’re currently at AND what the next step is.  


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  1. hey… got a quick question… that really doesn’t have to do with your post… {great idea BTW…} how did you put the “subscribe by email” on your sidebar? I’ve been trying to do that for a long time and can’t quite figure it out. thanks.

  2. is the place to go to get that all setup.

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