Today has been a good day. I got to visit with my grandma who is in the Hospital, I saw my parents and sister, my wife and I got to hangout together this evening and first thing this morning I reconnected with a good friend.

He’s been going through some difficult times and we haven’t been able to really catch up. Today however, that’s exactly what we did. One tall white chocolate mocha, a venti green tea, a toasty 8 grain roll and and 90 minutes of good conversation.

It’s sad but we become so focused on work and making money and fitting in with the people around us that we forget just how good it is to talk to a friend. Oddly enough however, there are few things that really are as satisfying as a good heart to heart conversation.

Why is it that our priorities get so out of whack? We end up letting work stress us out and we feel the pressure of fitting in with people we don’t really even like. We bend the truth and deceive to make more money and we push away the very people who care about us the most.

Why do we all fall into these sorts of traps? Why do I become so concerned about the politics and strategies of work that I fail to see the brilliance of being able to tell people about Jesus. Why do I get stressed out about planning an event that might very well be the exact thing that is needed to get a 5th grade boy to church for the first time?

Hmm… It’s funny how reconnecting with a friend can put all of this into perspective.


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