An Everyday Faith

Why is it that we make knowing God all about rituals, the right clothes, being part of a particular denomination, saying the right things, etc? Why do make Sunday our day to connect with God and leave the other seven to our own sinful nature? Why do we get so caught up in traditions?

Why can’t knowing God simply be about random intimate conversations, flip-flips and holely jeans, salvation by grace through faith, and raw honesty? Why can’t we seem to keep God the focus of our day, everyday? Why can’t we recognize that as culture changes, the way we connect with God changes, even though the truths stay the same?

Bill Hybels talks about what he calls your “holy discontent.” It’s that thing that eats at you, and competes for your attention. It’s that thing that no matter how hard you try, you can’t seem to shake it. It’s that thing that you want to run away from because it almost hurts too much to be exposed to it.

For me, my “holy discontent” is the rules, regulations, stigmas, traditions, preconceived notions, etc. that keep us all (myself included) from living for God in a real honest way, on a daily basis.

Who cares what songs you sing or what you wear to church as long as your heart is passionately seeking after a relationship with Christ. Who cares what denomination you are a part of as long as your a abiding by God’s truth. Who cares if you know where the book of Judges is as long as you are diving into the word of God with a hunger to know him better.

I don’t believe that God cares about any of those things as long as we are following him and seeking to know him more…

How about we all start to have an everyday faith. Can you imagine what a transformation that would be?


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