Operation Invite: Family Matters

Over the last few weeks I have been challenging kids to talk to their friends about what they believe and I have been encouraging them to invite their friends to church. Well, the importance of this was made even more clear to me this even at our “Simply Worship” service where I had the opportunity to pray with a brother and sister who were invited to church by a neighbor. These kids are going through a tough time and are dealing with some family matter. However they recognize that church is the place to go. They understand that they need to run into the arms of Christ.

This boy and girl are incredible kids and It is so exciting to seem them engage in a relationship with Christ. It also is refreshing to see a friend (an elementary age kid mind you) who has taken such and interest in seeing her friends grow spiritually that she brings them not only on Sunday mornings but to other events; even those geared towards adults.

I believe that because this girl invited her friends to church they are much more prepared to deal with whatever may come of their situation. I believe they recognize that there is someone who loves them so incredibly much and that there are other people who are willing to hold them up in prayer.

It’s easy to view sharing your faith as a headache. Or picking up another child as a pain in the rear. But just think about how much more pain a person is in when they don’t have the comfort of God.

Tonight I am specifically in prayer for two things, 1. those kids who entered into God’s presence tonight seeking comfort, 2. each of you who know the truth about Christ but are too scared, or tired to share it. We each need to be willing to talk with people about our relationships with God. We may not be completely sure what to say, but when the time comes, the Holy Spirit will guide us through those potentially life changing conversations.


3 Responses to “Operation Invite: Family Matters”

  1. I only occasionally check my yahoo mail where there is my children’s ministry e-group, so today I came across your blogspot. I felt compelled to comment on your Operation Invite: Family Matters. I read Bill Hybels book Walk Across the Room, and am re-reading it for study. Since I read it, two things happened to me. One was that I found a huge “field to be harvested” right at my kids bus stop every morning. I have parents from India, Vietnam, Cambodia, America, The Philippines, and Romania. Because of the book, I’ve initiated conversations primarily with the family from India. I won’t go into detail, but I started the “religious-interest” conversation by simply asking, “What is the major religion in India?” I kind of knew, but wanted to start a conversation. The father said, “Hindu.” I asked him if he was a practicing Hindu and he said, “No. I am a Sihk.” I used my feigned naievity (sp?) and asked, “Don’t all Sihk’s wear turbins?” He smiled and his replied was to me, out of this world and made me think of something similar to my “Christian life.” He said, “Only the really devout ones.” It made me think about how we Christians have the sad and maybe silly ability of determining someone else’s spirituality by how high they raise their hands in church, and (God forbid, tongue-in-cheek), don’t even raise their hands. I am making inroads to his life and asking God for another “right question to ask.” The second thing that happened, was that at my work place, (I am currently “between churches” and working for Fred Meyer), I had a pagan approach me and begin to challenge my on my Christian faith and it was he who walked across the room to me. In a very short period of time, I would find out he was possessed by demons, though he said it was only one. And he gave me incredible insight to the demonic workings of people who allow demons into their lives. I am thinking, “Wow God, I just needed a job. I am minding my own business while I wait for you to place me in ministry and here comes a pagan who, for whatever reason, wants to have conversations with a pastor. I called this time, “The Pagan and the Pastor.” I had hoped I would be able to someday have an incredible story about how God used me to deliver him from demons (not my specialty or gifting) and how he came to the Lord. But he quit out of the blue and now when I see him shopping, he acts like I am invisible or maybe he is pretending to be invisible. I share this with you because of your last comments, “We each need to be willing to talk with people about our relationships with God. We may not be completely sure what to say, but when the time comes, the Holy Spirit will guide us through those potentially life changing conversations.” And because I am in need of some church related conversations. Best regards, Charlie

  2. dnmiles11 Says:

    Charlie, It sounds as if God has been placing you in some incredible situations to share you faith. My prayer for you is that God will continue to place you in situations where you can be a witness, but also that you will recognize those situations. For myself, I often find that God places me in situations to share my love for him or to simply act in a loving way towards someone who really needs it but I don’t recognize it until after the fact. I think we become so blinded by our own situations that we fail to see how we can positively impoact the sitautions of others for Christ. Thoughts?

  3. I agree. And I believe that we should always be learning to live for others. Those of us who have children may find this easier to do. I love my children. I want every day to be the best day for them. I miss them when I go to work and its a special treat for me when I get home early enough to put them into bed and pray with them. The pagan I mentioned earlier came to me often, because I think he felt I wasn’t going to run from him or tell him to leave. He said other pastor’s or church people asked him to leave. I told him I would never ask him to leave unless he caused a commotion and brought it on himself. His continuously coming to me told that he was looking for help even though he would never admit that. You and I see hurting people all the time. But many times we don’t know they are hurting until we get to know them. Thus the huge importance on being in a small group of some sort. I think you and I could go on and on about that value and agree how important it is.

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