Reading, Writing And Time Management?

It’s funny how we place such a great deal of emphasis on certain subjects in school. Reading, writing, math, history science, etc. and yet we fail to provide students with the time management skills necessary to succeed, not only in school but also in the real world.

As someone who works with students of all ages, (pre-school to college) it is interesting to hear about and also observe the difficulties students have with managing their time. Granted, we all find ourselves overwhelmed with tasks from time to time, but it’s interesting to hear how challenging it can be for students to prioritize what is important in their lives.

It is for this reason that I am convinced of the benefits of life coaching. To have someone in your life who is helping you meet goals, prioritize, and sort through the issues of life. We all have the potential to do great things but if we can’t figure out how to manage our time we will end up wasting what little time we really have.


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