The Red Bucket Strategy

At work today I had the privilege of taking part in a workshop by life coach and consultant Greg Wingard. He has what he calls The Red Bucket Strategy. Summed up, this strategy says, you focus on improving one thing in your life at a time. Spend approx. 90-120 days on it and it will become habitual. Once you complete that task you move on to the next goal. It’s a pretty great strategy and one that I hope to incorporate into my life coaching once I get up and running.

 If you want to check out his company you can at


One Response to “The Red Bucket Strategy”

  1. Yes! That is a great idea. And if it is backed up by a well thought out action plan it is even better. Try to set up self-nagging emails in advance to keep yourself on track. Or if you are PDA oriented use to send yourself short messages that turn voice into text to send to your phone. Just some additional tips.

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