Operation Invite: The Monday After

Well, “operation invite” didn’t bring in as many guests as I had hoped for. We definitely had guests but it’s hard to determine just how many were a result of the challenge and how many would have been there anyway.

 Inviting a friend to church is such a hard thing to do. You never know what they’re going to think. You hope they feel comfortable. You don’t want them to think you’re strange. These are concerns for everyone but especially for kids, since they often want nothing more than to just fit in.

With that being said, I am convinced that kids can invite friends and have an incredible impact on their lives. I’ve seen it happen. One girl brought her friend not to a regular Sunday morning service, but worship team practice! Now the family is coming  regularly!

 Who knows what this challenge is going to do, but we are going to keep encouraging kids to share their faith and invite their friends. Lives are on the line, and these kids have the opportunity to change the lives of their friends forever.

Be praying for courage and strength as these kids step out in faith.


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