Operation Invite

This last week I challenged the kids in The Great Kid Adventure to bring as many friends as they can to church on Sunday. I explained to them that they have not only an incredible opportunity but also an obligation to tell people about Jesus. I told them that it is like keeping secret the cure a terrible disease. Pretty bold huh.

Well the reality is all too often we beat around the bush when it comes to Jesus. We tip-top around the fact that we’re Christians. We avoid the topic or we simply downplay the significance of our relationships with God.

The problem with this is there are people in the world today who desperately need to know how incredible God is. People who are looking for “that thing” that makes everything else fall into place. The lens that puts everything into perspective.

This is true even for kids. It’s heart breaking but there are kids who are dealing with parents who are separating, abuse, peer pressure, media influences, etc. All of which convolute the truth of what/who really needs to take center stage in their lives.

 For that reason, I have challenged the kids to take part in what I am going to call “operation invite.” The idea behind this is simple, bring as many kids as you can to church. At New Life we work so hard to create awesome environments that are inviting to kids. There is no reason why church should be weird or uncomfortable or intimidating.

So, if you are a parent of a GKA kid, pack your car (to the legal limit) with kids and bring them when you come to church each Sunday. You literally have the power to help change a life simply by providing a ride to a place you already are going.

Keep an eye out for future “Operation Invite” posts. I plan on sharing the stories of kids who have invited their friends to church or have shared their faith with people they know.

 I am convinced God will change lives through simple invitations and conversations.


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