Yesterday my wife Monika and I visited my sister in Wallingford. She’s living in a great old house in a fun part of Seattle and is rapping up the final chapter of her college experience. For me it was a little sentimental. It reminded me of living  in my basement apartment on High street (we called it “The Spider Trap”) with my three roommates.  It reminded me of shopping the sales at Haggen Grocery. It reminded me of venturing out downtown in the late hours of the evening to go play pool at Kendricks. It reminded me of a lot of things.

College was such an incredible experience and eating at the Thai Kitchen on Queen Anne Hill last night reminded me of just how much fun it really was.

While I am at a great place in my life right now, I hope I don’t forget all of the great memories, people, experiences…

If you read this and you are contemplating what to do after high school. I can’t emphasize enough how great college is. Not for the schooling, or the degree although those are important. But for the bon fires on Blanchard hill, the late night conversations in the dorm lobby that last until the wee hours of the morning, the pajama clad breakfasts in the cafeteria on Saturday morning and the laughter. Those things will stay with you long after you forget how to solve a philosophical equation or run a regression analysis on a set of data.

College is not just an education, it’s a memory full of incredible experiences.


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