The Moses Experiment: Part 1 (See Preface for background)

On Sunday we talked a lot about Moses’ birth and how his mother had to make some incredibly difficult choices to A. hide him initially and B. to send him down the river in of all things a basket. I can’t imagine having to make that choice. I’m sure her body ached when she gently let go of that basket and watched it float down the river away from her. I’m sure she wondered repeatedly whether or not she had done the right thing. Think about it. She literally gave her baby over to the whim of the river. What an incredible choice she made.

When Moses was born conditions obviously were not ideal for conceiving a son. And at this point in my life I find myself wondering if conditions are if not ideal, at least good enough for Monika and I to start a family. Do we have the finances, the space, the time? I get the fact that nine times out of ten you are not completely ready to have child. That having a child drastically changes your life. But are we at a place where we can handle those changes?

Moses’ mom knew there was something special about her son and there was no way she could kill him. As a result she had to make the tough choice to let him go.

Am I at a place where I am ready/able to deal with those difficult situations and make those tough choices?


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