In True Blogger Style

I feel like a true blogger today. Not a poser, but a real, legit, blogger. I’m sitting in a great little coffee shop owned by a friend of mine, taking in the sights and sounds, browsing the web, contemplating “deep thoughts” and blogging about blogging. Does life get any better, I don’t think so.

I really am enjoying this blogging thing. It definitely takes some dedication and I’m still feeling out my blogging style, but overall I’m enjoying the experience. I hope that one day I’ll have a following. A group of individuals who for whatever reason enjoy reading about my thoughts, feelings and experiences.

 Carlos Whittaker has a crazy blog. Carlos is on staff and Buckhead church in GA and I was turned on to his blog by my friend and colleague Loran Lichty who by the way is a pretty sweet dude himself. Anyway Carlos’ blog is to me the equivalent of a super model walking in front of Amy Winehouse. There just is no comparison. His blog blog from what I’ve seen is the golden standard by which all blogs should be judged. If you want to check it out the address is www.ragmuffinsoul.comand it is straight up crazy good stuff.

I hope that one day my blog will have the same level of quality and Carlos will blog about how this guy David Miles has this incredible blog that everyone should check out. Until then, i’ll just keep refining my style, and working on adding the elements that make a good blog so addicting. 

Cheers to you Carlos, the blogger I have never met but feel like I know intimately. Keep up the blogging brilliance!


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