Life Coaching

So, I’m becoming more and more convinced that being a “life coach” is something that I want to do. Not in a full time capacity, but as something I do in addition to ministry. I think there really is a market for this type of work, specifically with kids and youth. It’s not uncommon to hear of an adult who is receiving some sort of life coaching, but rarely do you hear of a student who is being coached (except for on the field or court).

Maybe that’s because they have parents who are supposed to be doing that. But I keep coming back to my childhood and how my dad always let me know he was being my “coach” and not my dad when we was giving me advice or constructive criticism. The problem with that was always the fact that he, was my dad. As a result the critiques came across as critical or condicending instead of constructive or character building. While I know he didn’t intend for them to come across that way, in my mind I couldn’t help but think of them that way.

But, what if a third party, a coach, were in the picture to help set goals, challenge, hold accountable, speak into the lives of kids who either truly were looking for a way to get ahead, or kids who need a little extra motivation and encouragement?

 Sometimes all it takes is a little push from the right person.


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